Primary Source Description

There are 13 white tee shirts, 4 red shirts, 4 blue shirts, 1 green shirt, 1 orange shirt, 2 black shirts, 3 grey shirts, 1 purple shirt, and 29 shirts in total.

Tony Fulkerson is the name on the quilt and its in big white letters at the bottom in the middle of the panel. Its states the day he was born and the day he died(June 2 1954-april 29 1989)underneath his name. On each sides of his name are yellow circles made out of yarn with a red string as the smile and stickers for the eyeballs making it a smiley face. To the left of his name on the quilt is a white tee-shirt that has been cut into a square where the main image was on the front of it. Its a Broadway shirt from New York with a piano on it. Next to it we have another white squared cut out shirt with a shirtless cowboy walking, and its from Nashville, TN. Next to this shirt is a black shirt in the bottom left corner of the panel. In white bold letters it says, “A little NUKIE Never Hurt Anyone. Farley Nuclear Plant”. Above that shirt on the far left side of the panel is a blue New York giants shirt with the words written in red and a Giants football helmet. To the right of the giants shirt is a Shirt from a restaurant in St. Simons Island in GA, called The Crab Trap. The “C” in the word crab is replaced with a sideways crab to make it look like the letter “C’. To the right of this shirt and right above Fulkersons name is just the word “Carolina” cut out of a shirt, and this shirt is blue with white letters outlined in navy blue.

The shirt in the top left corner is a red shirt with the words Atlanta written across a yellow stripe. All you can see is the top right shoulder and neckline of the shirt. Underneath this red shirt is a green shirt with a Midtown Atl symbol. To the right of the previous red shirt will be a purple shirt with just the part right under the neckline showing, and in white letters it says “All American boy Hollywood”. Underneath this shirt touching the red shirt in the top left corner, and also the green one, is a white shirt that has “Braves” written in big letters across it with “ Best in The West” written under it. To the right of this shirt also touching the blue crab trap shirt is a red shirt that says “The Corral” in black letters with a cowboy behind it. This shirt is from New Orleans. Above this shirt is a shirt at the top of the panel next to the purple shirt and its from Western Kentucky, and it has a hand holding a towel that says “Hilltoppers”. Next to this shirt is the biggest shirt on the panel and its in the center at the top right. It’s red and also says “Western Kentucky”, in black letters outlined in white. Underneath this shirt is a long narrow cut out of a white shirt with black outlined teddy bears sitting and lying on the floor in a line. This shirt was made by All Night Media Inc. In the very middle of the panel right underneath the teddy bears is an Atlanta Pride shirt from 1983.It has 3 little blue boxes in the shirt which each contain a letter. Each letter is O, U, and T. Above each box is what the letters stand for and it says “Out front, Out Loud, and Outstanding”. Now to the right of Mr.Fulkersons name is a small white cut out of a tshirt that says “The Armory, Softball Classic”. The letters are bold and underneath it says Atlanta. There is also a baseball and a bat on the shirt with the number 2 inside the baseball. In the bottom right square of this cut out shirt is another shirt connecting that is blue and in large blocky font it says “San Diego”. Right above this shirt is another white shirt that is probably the second biggest on the panel and it has white and teal stripes as the logo. The logo makes a square out of stripes with a triangle in the bottom middle of it. This shirt also says “Dallas” in white bold letters. Touching the top left side of this shirt and right above the white Armory shirt is a gray shirt. It has the initials NBG. The N, and the G are completely navy while the B has a gray background but navy striped going through the B pattern. Above this shirt close to the top of the panel is another Armory shirt with the writing in blue but the shirt is orange, and it also says Atlanta. To the right of this shirt is probably the third largest shirt in the panel and it has a sunset with the blue ocean and the fainted orange sun in the background. It has a drink sitting in the sand with a straw and a lemon cut into the side of the glass with the word “Los Angeles” written in the sand. Above this big shirt are 3 tiny shirts that are bunched up together touching the largest red shirt in the top middle of the panel. There is the one shirt that touches the red one and its plain white and has the words Atlanta written very small on it in red. Next to this shirt is a darker gray shirt and in purple letters it says “Dancin is Life’. And for the third shirt that touches the darker gray one, it’s a white shirt that says “The Pines, Key West”. In the shirt the letter P is larger than every other letter and has a tree logo attached to the inside of it. Now for the far right side of the panel, the top right corner we have a burgundy shirt that says “ Boys Town Nebraska”, and in the middle of “Boys Town” and “Nebraska” are stripes that are rainbow color coordinated. Underneath this shirt is a shirt that has blue stripes to resemble the ocean with blue palm trees covering the background. There is an orange sun behind the palm trees that are furthest right. At the bottom of this shirt it says “Montegobay, Jamaica” in blue block letters. The next t-shirt is on the far right edge of the panel in the middle and it’s black. It has a white outlined eagle in the middle of it with the claws of the eagle holding the initials “MTP”. Above the eagle it says in white letters “Monteagle”, and below the eagle the word says “Truck Plaza” which are also in white letters. For the final shirt it is in the bottom right hand corner of the panel and it’s a white shirt. It has 2 large faces on the shirt and ones yellow and ones green. They both have lines on the faces with the green one having the yellow lines and the yellow face having the green lines. Above the faces are the words “Mardi Gras” with the “M” and the “S” continuing with a ribbon attached to them that are purple with a back that has gold and purple stripes. Going through the 2 faces is a light pole that is black and has a sign on it that reads, “Bourbon”. On the purple ribbon at the bottom it says “New Orleans, La.” In big black letters at the bottom of the shirt it gives a date of February 19, 1985. Also there are yellow stars on the shirt that are outlined in purple. All these shirts were attached to a piece of fabric that is a tannish, off-white color.





Primary Source Description Unit 2

This panel has the name Michael Edward Ron Deau 1947-1989 written in black thin cursive in the middle of the panel above the rainbow and its slanted upward around the outsides of the rainbow. This rainbow is probably a foot in width and takes up a lot of the panel. Its the original colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. With the rainbow having the words Michael in it and the letters have a rainbow inside them, starting from the inside top of the letter with red and the inside bottom of the letter violet. The rainbow shines over a valley of mountains with a view of water and a orange railed “golden gate bridge”. Although inside the rainbow inside the “C” is a rainbow heart structured the same as the other inside letters. The landscape under the rainbow has mountains with dots and various different green colors. The water is in the middle of the two valleyed hills which makes it look like a valley. The rails on the bridge are all orange and the poles structuring the bridge are coming up out of the royal blue water. The bridge looks like a normal road path going across a straight bridge with the big orange rails making two triangle shapes on top of the road making it look bigger and higher, also looking like the golden gate bridge. The second valley with mountains in the bottom right corner has some white mountains and starts to lead into the woods where there are two trees. These trees are standing on a while platform that is sand and looks to have little specks all over it. These trees take up from the bottom to the top of the panel and have big reddish colored trunks with little white specks all over them. Half way up the trees have leaves coming out of them but they are big pine branches. These branches are green with lighter shades of green on the outside and have little white dots on them. Above this whole valley scene but still under the rainbow are also three white birds that are flying close together. These birds are shaped like lower-case “M’s”. Moving to the top left middle part of the panel are another three white birds that are flying together and they also have the same shape. On the left side of the panel is a big grey and red structure(image is blurry) that sits in front of the capital building. There are bushes in between the structures but the red monument has spikey looking tips to it while the grey one just have a long tip going up the center of it. There is also a black gate that is the entrance to all of these buildings. But in the background is a big white building looking like the United States capital and has black lines to define the structure of it. Under this structure in the bottom left corner says in small thin black cursive, ” For our life together we celebrate”. Next to this writing is a red man looking figure which i am unable to tell exactly what it is. The whole background of this panel is baby blue and makes the panel stand out.