Reading Responses

Reading Response With Haltman Text and 3D Printing Website

The supplemental text I chose to incorporate with the Haltman text was “3-D print your way to freedom and prosperity”. This online article involves pictures, and can be updated and accessed by whoever. While the Haltman text is online its on a link you would have to look up or randomly come across. The Haltman text really influenced the way I saw the supplemental text because it had a more effective meaning to it and you could actually visualize deeply what the text was trying to get across. I think if I wouldn’t have read the Haltman text first that I wouldn’t have thought of some of the things the text had taught me to do with expressing objects through material culture. The Haltman text was more influential to me after I read it because it actually paused and told you to stop and visualize an object in your space. The authors wanted you to experience right then, when reading what it would be like to look up and think differently about an object. Also through this I can learn how everyone will see, and feel an object in a different way. To me there wouldn’t be a wrong way to feel the way you feel about an object.

The website was more over the talk of whether the 3D printer is helping or not. Yes it is helping for some things that we really do need, but whats bringing up concern is the regulations that could possibly be broken. One of the main things I got out of reading both of these articles was that you really cant replace an object that already has cultural value. People wouldn’t just take a new printed object over what they already have, it would mean nothing to them. This is why the authors wanted you in the Haltman text to realize, see, and feel the actual object and learn what its actual sentimental meaning is. This is the reason why I said it was a good thing I read the Haltman one first because I wouldn’t have known why some people wont just trade out old things for a brand new printed version. All of this has to do with material culture! Honestly I think it was easier for me to visualize the actual text than the website itself because of how much better the Haltman text deeply described things.

What was challenging for me was coming up with annotations that would help me better understand how to summarize these texts. I just started to put down my thoughts as I was reading and it became easier as I was able to connect with the passages. I feel like for the first time in my literacy practice I was forced to stop and actually visualize something while reading and it helps so much. To read and comprehend what he wants you to do and think about the object better helped me understand what the author wanted to get across. Also critical thinking came into play when having to think about the differences of the articles and picking a side to choose. The Haltman text was very helpful to me, when trying to figure out the meaning and purpose of the online text.


Unit 2 reading response with Ball and Golden Vinyl Record

The primary text was mostly about multimodal projects and how the differences between all the different types of communication effect how people see and interpret text. It gave many example of each type of multimodal text and explained how each of them can be used. The main five modes of communication were also talked about and they are linguistic, visual, aural, gestural, and spatial. All these were involved in the supplemental text and could relate to it in some way. The primary text was helpful to read first obviously because it will help you interpret and understand better what the message of the supplemental text is trying to say. Also when looking at the primary text first it helps also show you different examples of all five of the modes of communication.

First I started of by telling myself that this vinyl is a text, not something I would have thought of if I had never read the primary text. I learned that literally everything is multimodal and can be perceived as a text. Some parts of this story personally had me confused because why wouldn’t the producer of these audios be able to have a copy of them. It put up a red flag for me because he wasn’t allowed to have the audios but now anyone can buy them online. Obviously not the original that is still in space somewhere. Gestural and linguistics is what has mainly helped the reformatting of this audio become vinyl and available to many more people in a different way than originally produced. The vinyl will contain no visual aspects like the original because it is a record and typically don’t have many images on them. The vinyl will be mostly if not all, aural types of communication. The use of spatial communication is what helped the rearrangment of this work from audio to vinyl. Visual aspect will also change the text when putting it onto vinyl. Everyone will see it differently than before especially if you were around during the time period the original one was being talked about. This reading response was easier than unit 1 because I think I was able to understand both text better. Im a visual type of person and this unit had a lot more pictures to relate to than unit 1. I learned a lot from these reading because it made me think of all the news way I could be getting my messages across by the use of many multimodal resources. Putting the reading together and thinking about them together also helped be understand both text better and relating them to one another gave me different ideas to think about when reading. This is going to help my literacy practice a lot because I haven’t done much work with putting two text together but its very useful and you can get lots more information out of things by using other multimodal resources to bounce back to your original thought.